Domaine Fleuriet et fils , La Baronne
Domaine Fleuriet - La Baronne

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Characteristics of this wine :

  • Soils/exposure : Selection of old vines on plots of the communes of Buée (white lands)
  • Age of the vines : 50 years
  • Yield : 45hl/ha
  • Certification : Organic Agriculture since 2016 and Demeter (biodynamics) since 2021, in the process of conversion to biodynamics
  • Vinification/aging : Manual harvest. Fermentation and aging in oak barrels including 1/3 of nine in different containers (mainly 400l barrels). No input added during vinification and aging. Sulphited wine at 3gr/hl at the 1st sulphiting.
  • Taste and nose : Richness and aromatic complexity. Its aging in oak barrels is felt through beautiful woody notes evoking vanilla, butter and toast. The fruit is not to be outdone with greedy notes of fruit evolving on peach and apricot as well as spicy notes.
  • Food pairing : Wine that goes perfectly with foie gras, veal rice, white meat such as guinea fowl or turkey with a mushroom sauce.