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Terms of Sales

for our wine tourism services

General sales conditions for wine tours (private and in small groups), wine tourism services and gift vouchers.

The general sales conditions shown below are those set by the Vinitour seller, they take precedence over all other general conditions of purchase. These sale conditions constitute a contract between You (the customer) and Us (Vinitour).

Vinitour services can be booked online on the website, or by telephone 06 11 67 30 03 or by e-mail. Unless otherwise agreed, the reservation of the service is confirmed upon receipt of a deposit or the total amount. By internet, the reservation is therefore effective as soon as:
  • The customer has sent the availability request form to reserve a date, from the “book” section of the website.
  • Vinitour has confirmed this reservation request by email and sent a secure payment link (e.g.: izettle).
  • Upon receipt of the deposit, or full payment, Vinitour will acknowledge receipt of payment and therefore confirm its reservation.

The amount of the deposit is generally 50%, but sometimes the client/company wishes to pay the entire service.


Payment for the service is made either by remote payment link (e.g. izettle), or by bank check payable to EI (one-man-business) Vinitour, or by bank transfer to the Vinitour account, domiciled in Charité-sur-Loire. (France). Bank transaction costs are the responsibility of the customer when it comes to a bank transfer from abroad.
There are no fees or service charges for processing credit card payments.
The second part of the payment is made on site, at the end of the visit.
In the case of visits carried out for companies or receptive agencies with sending of an invoice at the end of the service, this must be paid upon receipt of the invoice.

Art. 4: RATES

Our rates do not include meals or personal expenses.
The prices indicated are per person (except for private tours where the prices are those on a base of 2 people) and are inclusive of tax and the currency of payment is the euro (€).


In the event of cancellation of your service, more than 7 calendar days before the day and time of the visit, the deposit of 50% or the entire payment will be refunded to you.
Any cancellation occurring between 7 calendar days and 24 hours before the start of the service entails the loss of the deposit. In this case, Vinitour can also offer the customer other dates depending on its calendar and availability.
For any cancellation occurring less than 24 hours before the start time of the service and/or in the event of a no-show for the visit, Vinitour reserves the right to claim payment of the amount remaining due in addition to the deposit. 
The cancellation will be taken into consideration only by telephone or email inducing an acknowledgment of receipt from Vinitour. In the event of force majeure (strikes, death, natural disasters, health crises, international politics, etc.), where the client is not responsible, Vinitour will reimburse him in full or offer him to choose a later date.
In the case where a reservation has been made for several people and where one or more people registered do not show up at the start of the visit without Vinitour having been informed before the start of the visit, the amount corresponding to the totality of the reservation will be claimed.

Art. 6: DELAY

The visit schedule must be respected and must not, in the event of a delay, disturb the departure of the circuit in small groups. The latter must be reported by telephone on 06 11 67 30 03 if there should be a maximum waiting time of 10 minutes. Beyond this waiting time, visits will leave and Vinitour cannot be held responsible for customers missing their visit.
In the event of a noticeable delay (more than 30 minutes) by a group or a private circuit, the visit may be shortened or simply cancelled, without any refund being given. In the event of an extension of the circuit, Vinitour will invoice the customer for a supplement corresponding to the additional service provided for the customer.
If the guide is unavailable and cannot be replaced, Vinitour undertakes to offer you an alternative date. If no replacement date could be found, and in the event that you have already paid a deposit, this will be fully refunded to you.


Whatever the weather, Vinitour always maintains its visits and adapts its tour circuits to the weather conditions of the day. If it rains, Vinitour will offer indoor activities such as cellar visit & tasting or goat farm visit instead of the visit in the vineyard.


Vinitour offers both private tours and tours for small groups.
Whatever the formula, the wine tours will leave with a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 8 people.
“Small group tours” are made up of individuals who wish to collectively share information with the guide. A minimum of 2 people is required.
“Private tours” are made up of a single group whose members know each other and for which the vehicle and guide have been privatized; it is more of a tailor-made visit, a minimum of 2 people is required. For any additional person, the price is different from the basic price provided for 2 people. Vinitour also offers events for groups already formed, between 8 and 15 people, the price of which is fixed. These services last 1.5 hours and vary according to the œnological service.
For wine advice, the customer must email Vinitour explaining the purpose of his request (eg: I am going to get married this summer and we want to organize the meal, and we do not know the wine, could you advise me which wines to choose, or even the possibility of buying some). Vinitour will contact him again by telephone, to determine and re-specify his request, then send a wine proposal and his budget. Vinitour as part of its activity may contact the restaurant owner for more details on the dishes. The advice will be free, and the wines must be purchased by the customer from among the wines appearing in the Vinitour shop.

The purchase of gift vouchers on the home page of the site implies payment of the full amount corresponding to the chosen service. The gift voucher is sent either by e-mail, in the form of a coupon to be printed by you, or by post, in the form of a gift voucher slipped into an envelope. In the event that you choose to send the check by post, a flat rate of €5 is to be paid at the time of your purchase. The validity period of gift vouchers is 12 months from the date of purchase. Any reservation request made after the end of validity date will be refused unless the beneficiary contacts Vinitour before the end of validity. The extension request must be in writing (e-mail) from the beneficiaries. Gift vouchers are non-refundable. They can be exchanged for another service, subject to payment of a supplement, if this replacement service is offered at a higher price. In the event that the replacement service is sold at a lower price than that of the gift voucher, no compensation or reimbursement will be granted.

It is strictly forbidden to smoke, eat or drink alcohol on board the vehicles. Wearing a seat belt is compulsory according to the regulations in force. The responsibility of our drivers is engaged during the service. They must expressly ensure compliance with the highway code and special provisions for the transport of people (speed limit, seat belts, etc.). Our company reserves the right to suspend the performance of the service or prohibit access to the vehicle in the event of the customer’s breach of the safety rules or any non-compliant behavior towards the driver and/or other passengers. Any damage caused to the vehicles by the customers will be fully invoiced on the basis of the amount of the repairs. If payment cannot or will not be made, Vinitour will be forced to take legal action against the customer(s) in question.
Customers are required to ensure that no object has been forgotten in our vehicles, and our company declines all responsibility in the event of deterioration, disappearance, or theft of any object which may have been left there.
Our liability is defined by the professional insurance clauses. This compulsory insurance covers persons and luggage transported under certain conditions.
The customer is responsible for all damages arising from his fault and guaranteed by his civil liability insurance, which he must hold. Vinitour draws the customer’s attention to the possibility of taking out a cancellation insurance contract with an organization of their choice.